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Below are links to important Maori websites

Hawaiiki to Hawaiiki - The Maori people of Aotearoa / New Zealand
The first Maori website. As popular now as it was when it was first built, in 1995. The most popular attraction of the site over the years has been the section on Whakapapa Maori or Maori Genealogy. It has also been used by universities to illustrate their courses on Maori research. It provides an overview of many aspects of Maoritanga. It is also a vehicle for the much sought after analysis and writings of Ross Nepia Himona, who has been a very popular commentator and writer for two decades.

Aotearoa Cafe Forums
Online Maori forums for all Maori related issues. Began in January 1998 and is the longest running Maori focussed discussion forum on the internet. Included is the all new Aotearoa Cafe Chat, live Maori styled chat rooms.

Ta Moko
The official Ta Moko website created and run by Maori Ta Moko practioners. The site contains displays of the moko work of many of the prominent Moko artists in Aotearoa today including the new Manamoko Studios in Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland.

Te Karere Ipurangi
This much visited website provides a daily summary of news about Maori. It is used by a number of Maori radio stations as the basis for their news broadcasts. It is also a portal into all things Maori on the Internet, and into New Zealand and overseas news services. It grew out of the equally popular "From Hawaiki to Hawaiki" website, in response to a demand for news about Maori to be easily available. It has withstood the test of time and has not (yet) been surpassed.

This site is the repository of many of the writings of Ross Nepia Himona, from his immensely popular newsletter of the 1980�s and 90�s, "Te Putatara", his book reviews, speeches and papers, and his poetry. Ross has a very distinctive style and is known for his incisive Maori wit. We hear on the Kumara Vine that Ross is seriously considering re-starting "Te Putatara" in response to popular demand.

Tino Rangatiratanga
Maori Independence Site concerning self determination issues for indigenous people in Aotearoa/New Zealand it's relvance pacifically and within the wider international indigenous community.

Te Tomokanga
Lots of links to various by and/or about Maori people, Maori culture, Maori politics, Maori health, Maori art.

Maori Spellchecker
Te Ngutu Kura" free Maori Spell Checker was conceived by Karaitiana Taiuru. The concept was made a reality by the Maori Education Trust who sponsored the development of Te Ngutu Kura and this web site.

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